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Applicator Tool,Elleebana - Pop Society Professional
Elleebana Applicator Tool

To perform the perfect lash lift treatment for your clients, you need the right tools! The Elleebana applicator tool is the ultimate tool for applying lashes to a silicone rod when performing Elleebana Lash Lifts. The applicator tool helps to get perfect, isolated lash placement before the application of the lash lift solution. The tool is comfortable to hold and very handy for maneuvering lashes into the correct position.

Product features:

  • Super fine tip — perfect for isolating individual lashes
  • Tapered design — makes it comfortable for the beauty professional to hold
  • Reusable — sanitizable for reuse on many clients

The Elleebana applicator tool is an absolute must-have instrument when performing lash lift or perm treatments.

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