Belmacil Tint
Belmacil TintBelmacil Tint
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semi-permanent lash and brow color is the essential basic to have in your lash and brown tint kit. There is nothing subtle about this supreme black tint! It is ideal for clients with dark brown or black hair, or for those who want the definition of eyelashes without using mascara — no clumps, no mess!

Belmacil Black Tint features:

  • Semi-permanent — results last up to 6 to 8 weeks
  • You can use it as the only color, or mixed and blended
  • Gentle formula
  • Easy to apply and use

Belmacil’s gentle formula is easy to apply, making it ideal for tinting the lashes and brows of even the most sensitive of clients. Belmacil semi-permanent tints offer up to six to eight weeks of brilliant color. The multi-use product tube allows for up to 100 applications from a single tube.

Consult the Belmacil color chart for blending and mixing tips.

Product specs:

  • Multi-use foil tube with non-sterile cap
  • 20ml — approximately 100 applications
  • Activator is required for the tint to adhere — try Belmacil Oxydant!

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