Elleeplex Pro Fusion Tint
Elleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion TintElleeplex Pro Fusion Tint
Black #1Graphite #1.1Blue Black #2Deep Brown #3Light Brown #3.1Honey Brown #3.3Auburn #4Violet #5


In conjunction with the Elleeplex Lash and Brow Lamination system we have decided to launch a lash and brow tint range that we can support on a global scale to our international distribution team.  We will of course continue with the distribution of Belmacil Lash and Brow tinting system in Australia, New Zealand, USA and some selected countries and will support this product range alongside the Elleeplex lash and brow tinting range. 

 What is unique about the Elleeplex Lash and Brow Tinting system is that there is a 2% oxidant instead of the 3%.  This is to fall in line with the EU standards for tinting products for use around the eye area.  You will find absolutely no difference with this percentage decrease as the product works brilliantly and has longevity of color and brilliance that customers have come to expect. 

 Within the color range you will find:

1105 – Elleeplex Pro Black #1

1110 – Elleeplex Pro Graphite #1.1

1115 – Elleeplex Pro Blue Black #2

1122 – Elleeplex Pro Violet #5

1125 – Elleeplex Pro Deep Brown #3

1140 – Elleeplex Pro Light Brown #3.1

1145 – Elleeplex Pro Honey brown #3.3

1150 – Elleeplex Pro Auburn #4

1160 – Elleeplex Pro Oxydant

1165 – Elleeplex Pro Paper Eye Shields

Another of the key benefits to the Elleeplex Profusion system – as the name suggests, it is a synergistic system that can be combined in a multitude of ways to provide an abundance of benefits to salons.  Combining the Elleeplex Profusion Tinting system with the newly re-formulated Elleeplex ReGEN – Next Gen offers salons so much more.

 Shelf Life is 2 years

Use within 12 months of opening

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Elleeplex Pro Fusion
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