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Student Kits for Lash and Brow services
Student Kits for Lash and Brow services

Student Kit for lash and brow lamination

•5 pack of pro fusion

Each pair of solutions last 24 hours after opening, can get two clients out of each set of solutions. Can yield up to 10 clients with the box

•Flex combo rods / 4 pairs 

•original glue / 3 month supply

•lifter tool / gets hundreds of uses 


Lash Extensions Student kit

45 degree tip tweezer ( isolation ) 

Pro Curved tweezer (dominant ) 

Lash extensions .12mm C curl mixed tray 

Lash extensions .15mm cc curl mixed tray 

Gel pads ( 5 pack ) 

Small makeup remover 

Small glue  3 month supply ( 5 ml ) 

10 pack mascara wands 

10 pack doe foot/ lip applicators 

20 microswabs 

Glue remover 

Extras include

  • paper towels
  • cotten swabs
  • cotten rounds
  • squeeze bottle for distilled water
  • distilled water
  • offical ellebana bag to hold all items 


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